CloneDVD and DVD+R9 Drives [Dual Layer]

I will soon be getting at DVD+/-RW LITEON SOHW-1633S that is able to burn Dual Layer DVD’s. [DVD+R9 2.4X, DVD+R 16X,DVD-R 8X, DVD+RW 4X, DVD-RW 4X, CD-R 48X, CD-RW 24X ]

So far with my older Sony 4x I have had no issuses with ConeDVD/AnyDVD (other than some DVD backups that where around 52%). I am wondering if ConeDVD does burn to Dual Layer DVD’s correctly so I do not have to compress the DVD anymore [well some of my movie my need 5~10% but that is nothing].

I just can not find anything “Offical” on the web site about Dual Layer DVD’s writers.

I am running


Yes, it does (if you can afford the media). However, next version will have much improved splitting capability, so you can split the movie to two single layer media (much cheaper tham one dual layer medium).
However, you’ll have to change the disc… But I don’t mind this little annoyance. I don’t know why, but I always have to pee in the middle of a movie anyway… :slight_smile:

other than some DVD backups that where around 52%
I’m guessing you have a HDTV, I did Titanic (title only) for the wife, she watches it about once a week, it came up around 52%, which I thought may suck, but upon checking Bitrate’s from Original to Backup, there was only an average of 1.5-1.8Mbps difference, which I think would even be hard to pick on a HDTV, its impossible to pick on a standard TV, I just dont think there is enough Justification to spend the huge wads of cash on DVD-R9’s, same with splitting, which I used to do but of course use twice as many disc’s. Blu Ray seems not too far away, which will do to the price of dual layer, what dual layer did to the price of single layer.

Well Titanic I just did for the wife and then Passion of the Christ was around the same.

The compression is really good and I can not really tell the difference on these DVD’s that are round the 50% area. I work at a company that uses Broadcast Video Servers with our software product (Pinnacle, Leitch, SeaChange, Omneon to name a few in my lab). So, when I go to higher compression settings I can see it but I also can see it in my scopes a lot better. One of these days I am going to take Titanic and take a look at it in a proper scope.

Any case, what I want to be able to do is get more DVD extra’s, extra endings, cut-outs, laugh tracks, etc and the movie I really care about on one DVD [without a lot of compression]. Most DVD’s I’ll just want to just take the movie and give it to the kids so I do not have to worry about the real one getting messed up.

Thanks for the information and I look forward to a newer version of ConeDVD!

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Olli -
Are you really the “Original author of CloneCD and CloneDVD Author”? If so I have been using ConeCD for so long I do not recall when I first brought it. As a matter of fact I had to update it not long ago to get the newest version. I also brought CloneDVD because I have had a lot of great luck with ConeCD. Perhaps you have nothing to do with the product now but you did at some point. Great Work, my hat is off to you.

Yes, I am the “Original author of CloneCD and CloneDVD Author”. And I am the “Original author of AnyDVD” as well, if that matters. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.

That is darn cool! I even have talked my Dad in buying AnyDVD (he uses some other CD/DVD copier).

It is very nice to see you active in these support forums and I am glad I registered here.

Yes I must agree with odie 3, theres nothing like having the originator and pioneer of an app you use at your finger tips. My hat is also off.