CloneDVD and diplicated DVD problem

hi all,

at my first backup of DVD i have a problem, a strange problem.

If i clone a DVD completly i don’t have any problem, in any playre (software or hardware) my copy works fine.

If i clone only movie in only Dolby Digital or DTS italian language, my backup have some problem in player.

I can summaryze issue with this item:

  1. If i play backup DVD on Sinudyne player (DVD/CD/MPEG4/xvid player) the first 3 o 4 second of track 1 play in loop. I exit from this loop if i use forward button on remote command. I see on player display Track1 time 0:0:0,0:0:1,0:0:2,0:0:3,0:0:4,0:0:0,0:0:1,0:0:2… and so on

  2. If i play backup DVD on SONY NS-435 (DVD/CD player) the behavior is equal to previus player, but after 6 o 7 loop film start at position 0:0:25

  3. If i play backup DVD on pioneer portable player (CD/DVD) the behavior is equal to Sinudyne player

  4. If i play backup DVD on any software player, behavior is equal to sony player.

I try to create a DVD in a folder, play from this folder with any dvd player software and behavior for software player is equal to sony player.

I know that is difficult to find a solution, but i think that this maybe link to anydvd and automatic cutoff of special track (i mean dolby digital or dts logo)…

some suggestion?


addendum: i burn on a sony DRU-700A, and CloneDVD2 burn a DVD in 45min!!!

I look in the log, and find Speed=0…this mean that i write at 1x?
How i can write at maximun speed?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


It seems to be a media issue. What media do you use? Can you post a scan of these media?

Regarding slow burning speed, you must activate DMA. Do a search on the forum: this question was asked many times.

Anyway, there is also a section in Italian language here; try it, because there are many italian users on the forum.