CloneDVD and AnyDVD

I’ve burn a movie using Clone & Any DVD…it will play in my computer but not my home dvd player. Is there something I’m missing in the settings. My dvd player is a few years old (no more than 4) but I was looking at a new one and it said that it was dvd-r, dvd+r, etc compatable. It was my understanding that a burn dvd would play in any dvd player or am I wrong?

Definitly not. If the dvd-r dvd+r or whatever formats are not listed in the players owner manual, your probably not going to be able to play them. I have a near to top quality Sony dvd changer thats only 2 yrs. old. It’s specs read that dvd-r/rw formates work. There right. DVD+r’s don’t do a thing. If buying new make sure to read the compatible formates listed for it.

DVD-R media should work with most home DVD player, or use DVD+R but you need to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. Some DVD burners lack bitsetting capability.

@ ccroy73

What is the model# of your standalone?
What burner are you using?
what media have you tried?

Answer to these can help us understand and help a little better…

DVD player - Panasonic dvd-cv47 ( )

DVD burner - Sony DWD22A ( )

Media - Memorex DVD+R

Thanks for the help but I think I figured it out…it’s because my dvd player doesn’t support dvd+r media but I’ll also check the settings.

Where do I check the “booktype” settings?

I was also curious on burn time. It took 2hrs the other night set on 8x. That seems like a long time. Who am I kidding…It was a long time!

Your Standalone show’s it will not play “+R’s” which is the media you are using. The BookType is a setting that is used to change the type of media from +R to DVD-Rom which will make the media more compatible(-R, +R and DVD-Rom or booktypes).

-R’s have a highier compatiblity list then +R’s but with bit-setting you will have a more compatible list, you can only change +R’s to DVD-Rom and not -R’s

Most drives that support the bitsetting, come with some kind of software utillity that allows you to use this option, DVD-burning programs such Nero have an option that allows you to bitset to DVD-ROM on drives that support it, I am not sure about your drive, I will do some research and see what I come up with.

As for the 2hour burn, that is a long time, check your DMA settings to make sure you have “Transfer mode” set to “Ultra DMA Mode”, unless you are talking about the entire process took 2 hours and if so what is your system specs?

That is complete marketing BS. My GF’s $18 Coby certainly doesn’t list whether or not it can play any recordable media and it reads my Ritek G04 and Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R discs without a hitch. As a matter of fact there is only one unit that I have ever used that specifically mentions that it supports any kind of DVD recordable media. As long as you are using quality media and following the proper proceedures, there are very few DVD Players that can’t read a quality recordable disc of one format or another. On your DVD+R discs, what media were you using? Did you set the booktype to DVD-ROM? Most older DVD Players don’t care much for +R media as is but if you are using quality media and adjust the booktype/bitsetting then usually you can get them to work. Although a quality DVD-R disc is probably your best overall bet with an old DVD Player.

There should be a law in the US that ban CRAPPY media!

My system specs are…

Windows ME home
128mb ram
1.3 pentium 4

What media & software do you recommend Hamp? I like the ease of CloneDVD2 but I can see now there’s going to be times when I need more options…“Ultra DMA Mode” and the ability to change dvd-rom.

“Ultra DMA Mode” is a OS setting, it has nothing to do with the software you are using…

I did a quick look on your drive and I’m not sure if your SONY is a LiteOn1633S, I believe that they have a program that will set your drive to make all +R’s into DVD-ROM, Sorry I havn’t found that information yet…

What you can do, just to find out real quick if your drive has bitsetting, try Nero, Make a copy of a copy using Nero with the option set for Book-type and then try that on your standalone…

Yup verify hard drive and optical drives are running in DMA mode under Device Manager. Also confirm this in BIOS. Set the BIOS to AUTO detect the hard drive and optical drive. Reboot and delete the Primary and Secondary IDE channels from Device Manager. Reboot and windows will reload the drivers.

Get another 128 MB stick of RAM.