CloneDVD and AnyDVD Help

i was on the understanding, from were not sure, that I could copy a proteceted DVD with clonedvd on the fly as long as the anydvd was running in the background correct? When I open clonedvd it tells me that it is unable to copy protected discs and then more or less closes. I thought I could use this to rip as well. i know you are all about to blast me but I had been using DVDD and Shrink. Just looking for alternatives. I have the newest releases that I can tell. just downloaded from the slyfox site.

@ Gregthree,

The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is an excellent software combination to make backup copies of DVDs.

Below is a detailed tutorial that explains how to correctly use the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination to make back up copies of DVDs.

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Thank you for your reply. The problem is that AnyDVD will not eliminate the copy protection on the DVD. If I fire up my “DVD for Free” program, which is supposed to do similiar things, the CopyDVD not only bypasses that ugly warning sign of not being able to copy protected discs but it also allowed me to copy hitchikers Guide To the galaxy on the the fly. I thought that AnyDVD was supposed to do the same thing as the “DVD for Free” program. Thanks in Advance.

@ Gregthree,

Have you ensured that the AnyDVD software program is activated when attempting to use CloneDVD by the little Red Fox Head Icon displayed in the system tray? If the little Red Fox Head Icon is gray AnyDVD is deactivated, if it is bright Red it is activated. Also in the AnyDVD software program settings navigate to “Drive” and ensure that your DVD devices are listed and “checked”.

Perchance can you provide the Exact Name of the DVD you are attempting to copy?

In your above statement your reference to CopyDVD is confusing. Perchance in your above statement do mean CloneDVD instead of CopyDVD?

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It looks like AnyDVD is not performing its task for some reason.
1.) Make sure, that other programs like DVD43, DVD Region+CSS Free, DVDIdle, etc. are all uninstalled!
2.) Try to reinstall AnyDVD & reboot
3.) If this does not help, try to run AnyDVD in “Safe Mode” (Settings->Program)

Hope this helps!

Only because a reboot was not mentioned: Have you rebooted after installing AnyDVD?

Try uninstalling DVD for free and reinstall Anydvd as it’s not good to have 2 program’s like this to be installed at the same time (conflicts)

Also - with ANYDVD running, but with Clonedvd2 NOT running, play the DVD in say PowerDvd. After it’s about 15 seconds into the main feature, close PowerDvd, and try to do your thing again with CloneDvd2.

I know you do this with DVD43.