CloneDVD and 6 Feet Under DVD #1

Hi there everybody,

I have also waited for this tool, and finally tested it a few hours
ago with DVD #1 from Six Feet Under. I have the image of this DVD for quite a while now ready to be processed, because so far this is my worst nightmare -:slight_smile: : 4:3 picture, very very grainy picture, >7GB. I dumped the French and Spanish Audiotrack when trying to process this DVD.

DVDShrink and DVD2One, both very fine programs, tried and … well, not really failed, they DID backup the DVD, but picture quality was not accteptable. The graininess caused some severe artifacting (for example during the episode-intros) and (of course) during the episodes themselves.

Now, with CloneDVD: almost perfect. I still see some artefacting in the title (mostly around edges), but the overall impression is way better. And the graininess is even still there -:slight_smile:

I will check out the whole DVD today and will post again (it’s rather early in the morning here now).

Keep on rocking,

-:-), Jackie.

I have just posted this link already in an other forum, but I think it’s very interesting…

That guy that did those still-capture comparisons is a newbie with 4 posts. Why should anyone take his word? It is funny how everyone follows someone else’s opinion rather than just download the program out and try it free for 30 days themselves!

I have tried CloneDVD and find the quality is as good or better than DVD2One. The program itself is real slick. Too many people criticize the fact about the sheep eating popcorn but that is nitpicking and nothing to do with the ease-of-use and the good results one gets.

I think there were debates reacently comparing other transcoders with still captures and, after a bit of arguing, people came to the conclusion that still shots do not give a definitive test for the quality of a motion video. I don’t see why people start this crap all over again.