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I have CloneDVD 4 by DVDXUtillities and I like the way the program is set-up, I have never really had any problems with copies from this program. What I don’t understand and maybe someone will be able to enlighten me is sometimes under the audio selection section there are up to 4 versions of English (united states) and of those; three of them might be AC-3 format and the other may be DTS. My question is what is the difference between all the different AC-3’s ? And of those if I want to drop off one or two so the movie will fit on a 4.7 GB DVD which ones would be ok to lose. Also the AC-3 is usually followed by a 2 or a 6 to which I have no clue what it means.

Link to pic included hope it works

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ac-3 is dolby digital, highly compatible with standalone players. best bet is to use the default audio track. the others maybe directors commentary or similar type of special features.

Here a FYI, that version is using a name belonging to the real CloneDVD from slysoft. You would be best to get the real true CloneDVD from slysoft. There been software claiming to be slysoft product but aren’t the slysoft product.

Alright I have another question; what is the difference between 2 channel and 6 channel AC-3 aside from the obvious one is 2 channel and one is 6; I guess what I mean is how does it affect me or what does it do for me? As I have noticed when I uncheck 6 channel it usually will bring the original down to the point I can fit it onto a 4.7 GB disk for copying. Thanks for the help btw :slight_smile:

2 channel, tv speakers. 6 channel, 5.1 surround sound.

or even better yet

Might want to double check your link as that isn’t the free version.???

OK, to your question. How many speaker setup do you currently have now and are you using? Well, I go on from CloneDVD slysoft you can compress dvd9 to dvd5 and still keep all the source to copy dvd. But in the end the sound is only as good as your sound card and speaker setup. My setup is 5.1 setup or 6 speaker setup as they call it with subwoofer.

@ coolcolors :slight_smile: , hey no disrespect here i read many of your post with interest, but just for the sake of arguing. :bigsmile:

i dont see the words free, freeware or trial mentioned by the original poster. i was just suggesting that i believe dvdfab platinum to be a better choice than clone dvd 4.

are you suggesting that it is free. :bigsmile:

Same in return maybe should relate to what the OP was asking about I was referring to the name that isn’t related to the slysoft software. If you want to advertise dvdfab should go create a forum for it. I never mentioned the OP go purchase the software.

"You would be best to get the real true CloneDVD from slysoft."
Then the above meant?