CloneDVD 2

Hello I am looking to purchase Elby CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. I have the trial versions but now I don’t know where to buy the license keys from.

From this site you can buy them both for $39 US.

From this site you can buy CloneDVD2 for $53.98 US.

Are these the same programs? I hope so because I have had great luck with these programs.

Thanks a lot

If you want to buy both of these programs, got to slysoft, as you will get a small discount for buying both in a bundle instead of buying them separately. :slight_smile:

I know, but I was just making sure that these were the same CloneDVD product. Also, how long does the license last for? DO you have to pay whenever a new version comes out?

no, you don’t have to pay for updates
but you can easily find this ( and other) information on the slysoft site

Same product = yes.
License lasts forever. (Or the year 2050? Can’t remember the license agreement)
Pay for updates = no. (Guaranteed for at least one year, usually much longer)

Thanks All. I’m off to purchase these 2 products.

Take Care

Good choice man. I can’t say enough good about these products. I switched over from DVDshrink (freeware) about a year ago. Well worth the $$$. Where else can you find software that is updated for free so often?

I purchased both of these excellent products recently and wish I had done so sooner. :bow: :bow:

Yes it’s the best choice to copy dvd !

Anyone want to buy my copy of 1Click so I can buy AnyDVD/CloneDVD2. :slight_smile: I wish I had know about them before I bought 1Click.

Now THERE’S a sales pitch! :smiley:

I purchased and recived a “key” I was supposed to double click but its in a format that windows won’t open and i have purchased the key but dont know how to get it to register and I have not gotten any help from slysoft. CAn someone please help?

I think you can rename the file to xxxx.reg at the place of xxxx.key and run it and normally that will work.


You must install the evaluation version for Windows to recognise the keyfile.