CloneDVD 2 vs Nero Recode 2

Another newbie here asking newbie questions. :confused:

I own both of the subject softwares. (As well as AnyDVD.)

From others experience, is one better than the other? I’ve read many posts where people recommend DVDShrink over CloneDVD, stating better transcoding. Not seen any comapring quality of Recode vs CloneDVD.

Thought I read that the person responsible for DVDShrink was also very involved in Recode 2. Realize that this doesn’t mean that Recode would have the same quality advantage over CloneDVD as DVDShrink (assuming there is one to begin with).

Appreciate any and all comments. :bow:


Recode is faster with my PC. Plus, I like the ability to set the start and end points of the main movie. CloneDVD can only remove individual chapter. Also, it cannot merge several movie files to one DVD.

I see no quality improvement with Recode. Have both programs but I usually use recode if I compress a movie.

I don’t have recode so I can’t comment on it. You stated you have anydvd. The updated version is supposed to be able to work on sony’s new copy protection.