Clonedvd 2(update) so impressive

I have just got to say how impressed at the new version of clonedvd2,i have just made a back up of a back up using clonedvd2,including removing all the menus and just leaving the main feature,i am saying this because before i tried clonedvd2 i tried using dvdfab,dvdmate and even dvdshrink(this is what i used to back up the dvd in the first place)and they all failed saying there were errors on the disk.If this is what clonedvd2 is all about then count me in as a big fan.:bow: :bow: :bow:

yeah me too,

normally i prefer to split movies that are big. But i just transcoded Minority Report (dvd9 approx 2h10m/without menuโ€™s but with DTS) to dvd-r. Looks great on my widescreen. If it keeps inprovign like this i wil never split a movie again or encode it with cce.

Now i just need to test some fast action movie and see if it doesnโ€™t show blocky-nessโ€ฆlol

My signature says it all, I have made very careful comparisons with shrink (deep analysys on), and I must say that clonedvd2 is the winner (I mean in terms of image quality). I could not say that with previous version, but now I can.

Congratulations for such a good work, olli and company.