CloneDVD 2-Unable To Locate Layer Break? Also Problem

Been working fine. Updated to AnyDVD latest version. Tried to copy 2 movies and get above error. Also errors on movies. Recorded Seinfeld and recorded only first episode. Recorded a movie and get the directors voice over the movie and can’t figure out or able to get it off. Help aprreciated, thanks.

Dude, wrong forum. This is the CloneCD forum, not the CloneDVD forum. You’ll probably get better results by posting your question there


Please update to the newest CloneDVD version.

Thanks, I will try it. Appreciate the response

Frome Elby’s webpages:

Revision History

Version 2005 01 15

    * [B]Changed: Removed confusing "Unable to locate layer break" message[/B]
    * Fix: Automatic update check could hang the program 


Thanks, looks like it is working. Didn’t realize how much faster CloneDVD2 is than Intervideo’s. Impressed.