CloneDVD 2 Takes Over 2 Hours To Rip

here is the problem, While using CloneDVD2 It takes 2 - 3 Hours just to create the dvd files, & about 45 mins to burn. I can use DVD Decrepter to rip in about 28 Mins speeds as high as 4.1x

DVD Decrepter took as long as clone oringinally until I played with DMA settings, but that did not fix clone’s problem

I know the drive is fine as I have been swaping it in out with my other computer there it takes on 22 mins to create the dvd files & 8 mins to burn

The Specs are

Liteon Drive 451S latest firmware

1 Gig Of Ram

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4

Drivers For The Ide Controllers are


With all the latest windows updates

The Dvd Burner is on The Primary IDE Channel & it is On Device 1

Transfer Mode is DMA if availble
Current Transfer Mode is DMA Mode

I have tried swapping cables & postion on the mother board for the disc drive

Try the latest version of CloneDVD. See if that fixes it.

Do a search for DMA mode. When your hard drive slips into PIO Only it REALLY affects the speed of the drive/windows/burning.

Tried and nothing happened

The weird this is I can use Dvd Decreter ti rip in about 15 minutes, it a problem with clone it self

@ Glen68,

DVDCrypter and CloneDVD are doing two different things. DVDCrypter is just “Ripping” a DVD while CloneDVD is “Ripping” and “Transcoding” a DVD at the same time, which takes longer than just “Ripping” and thats why CloneDVD is a little slower than DVDCrypter.

That being said CloneDVD should not take 2 hours to due its job. It appears that you are running in the PIO mode and not DMA mode. You need to insure that both your Hard Drive IDE channel and your DVD Burner IDE channel are both running in the DMA mode. Ideally your Hard Drive and DVD Burner should be on different IDE channels. (Example – Hard Drive on Primary IDE Channel and DVD Burner on Secondary IDE Channel.) Also on some systems Cable Select does not work efficiently. It is better to use Master and Slave instead of Cable Select.

Also you state your Lite-On LDW-451S DVD Burner has the latest firmware. Perchance have you visited CD Freaks Lite-On Forum located and looked at the latest firmware they have available. The folks at the CD Freaks Lite-On Forum are very knowledgeable and have developed various firmwares that optimize the full potential of your DVD burner.


I know its not firware issue, as I have pulled it out & tried it in my second computer & its just fine & dandy, It must be DMA problem, how do I know for sure what it is using

The DVD Drive is The Master On Primary Channel I also Have Tried it on the secondary channel

@ Glen68,

Your computer has two IDE Channels (Primary and Secondary). Ideally your Hard Drive should be unable as the Master on the Primary Channel and your DVD Burner enabled as Master on the Secondary Channel. Both the Primary and the Secondary IDE Channels should be set to run in the DMA. It is important to ensure that both your Hard Drive and DVD Burner are both set to run in the DMA mode.

To check go to the Control Panel and click on the “System” icon, look for “Hardware” and then “Device Manager”. In “Device Manager” look for “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers”. Under “ATA/ATAPI Controllers” Primary and Secondary IDE Channels are listed. Right click on the IDE Channels and check “Properties”. Under Properties click on “Advanced” Settings”. There you will see what DMA/PIO mode you are running in.

If you confirm that your DMA mode settings are correct the integrity of your IDE Ribbon Cables should not be over looked. Defective IDE Ribbon Cables can cause weird problems.