CloneDVD 2 Sneak Preview, download available next week

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CloneDVD 2 “Sneak Preview” soon availableUnparalleled picture quality and many new features Cham, 13.2.2004 - The “Sneak Preview” of the new version of
CloneDVD will be available for…

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But I want it Now…Sounds Great

I have been waiting for this one! Can’t wait to try it out! :X

Ive already seen the sneak preview, its called DVDShrink…

W000t finally :B

If DVD Shrink could finish in 30 mintues, I’d be using it.

I’m hoping that all the hype is going to be worth it. A marked improvement is needed for CLONEDVD to surpass DVDSHRINK. Speed is important but the majority of people would sacrifice speed for quality. I honestly don’t think that if CLONEDVD analyses every frame like DVDSHINK that it’ll be faster.

Well, DVDShrink does the job in about half an hour, so what?

I completely agree… I have yet to find a software that does a better job than DVDShrink: fast (about 40min. with deep analysis for a “movie only” copy on the HD with a mere P4-1.8A), good quality (results are nearly indistinguishable from the original even on 2+ hours movies), and very very customizable, plenty of options, start-end re-authoring, etc. The only thing lacking is a Join Mode as DVD2One for 2-sided or 2-disc movies… Oh… I forgot to mention… it’s free… :B I think that for a pretty expensive prog. like CloneDVD, it will be very very hard to beat such a software! Almost every new option announced in version 2 is present in DVDShrink since ages…

A thing that’s missing from DVD Shrink is a burn engine. I know you can just burn the files with Nero but with CloneDVD you have everything in one simple program.

I agree that with DVDSHRINK a burn engine is missing,but for paying nought and obtaining superb quality you cannot actually fault the program. This is the chance for CLONEDVD to standup and be counted. Comparing it to DVDSHRINK it’s reputation is on the line.

Just use autoshrinkiso to shrink and burn a DVD using freeware-tools only

“I completely agree… I have yet to find a software that does a better job than DVDShrink” Instant Copy 7/8 is better quality. The best transcoder thus far.

Wow, such vehement bias for Shrink in a post about CloneDVD. Any transcoding means a compromise in quality and I have to say Shrink is nothing special and neither for that matter is InstantCopy (apart from the latter being painfully slow)

Nothing bias against CLONEDVD but you’ve got let people know what your experiences are with the said programs. I’m a registered user of CLONEDVD and having used DVDSHRINK which is FREE there’s no difference. That why CLONEDVD has got to make a big improvement with the forth coming release.

On my system, Shrink is much slower, about an hour. With CloneDVD, and AnyDVD for decryption, the whole process, from the decryption, transcoding, and burning, is less than 30 minutes. DVDShrink took an hour, and thats not even including burning.

:g Dvd shrink only takes about 17 mintues on my system. Not too bad. My system is a P4 2.4c @ 3.6ghz 1gb ddr 600 with 2 10k raptors running in raid 0.

How long are we going to use these programs??? Within 3 months the first dual layer DVD-writers will be on the market … so we don’t have to compress anymore, where just gonna make 1:1 copies!! :d

And when the dual layer burners come out, how long before the media comes out? And when it does come out, how long before its affordable? And when it becomes affordable when will it become reliable? Look around, theres still issues with DVD burners and media… Id like them to starighten out the mess before moving to 16x or dual layer technology, otherwise what good is a drive that cant reliably use the technology…

:B i will always use Dvd shrink:B to get only what i want to watch and hear on disc :B