CloneDvd(2) Slysoft vs. Elby?




I suppose there is an easy answer here…and I do gnernerally know the relationship between Elby & Slysoft…but my questions are:

  • It seems both companies sell CloneDVD (2), yet the price is quite different…US 39 vs US 52???

  • Is this the same program? Any one know why tere is such a price difference?




they are the same program. they are not the same company. i believe slysoft is licensed to sell elby’s products.

i have no idea about the price difference. maybe someone will pop in here with an answer.

rest assured, if you’re thinking of buying this program, slysoft IS a legitimate reseller of it and it’s a great deal especially bundled with anydvd for the discount.


In fact, it is 39USD vs 39EUR. I don’t think it is elby’s fault, that the dollar is so weak! :slight_smile:


There are lots of threads, in which Olli himself explained the fact that there is no difference between these two versions.
Search forum for slysoft + elby or look here: