CloneDVD Elaborate Bytes New Version

Version 2019 09 19

  • New: Improved startup and processing speed
  • New: Workaround for authoring errors causing a repair run
  • New: ElbyCDIO updated
  • Fix: Crash with some discs
  • Change: Dropped support for Windows 9x, ME and NT
  • Some minor changes and improvements

Please read this

Website based download is still and the download link is not from the, so this seems like a scam to me.

Its not a scam, its a fully working beta , the website will be updated as soon as they can. I got it so I thought I would share it. Its not a scam. I would know, I have been into this for 15 years. If you still think its a scam , dont use it. LOL

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Please in the future then state it as a beta. I’ve seen too often a “new” version posted that really is an old one just repacked with malware. Everyone wants to try the new version.
No disrespect to you.

I have been here for 15 years, I do not post scams, I hope you enjoy the new beta, Elby betas are really tested fully functional versions. I hope you enjoy it.

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