CloneDVD Revision History

Version 2009 12 22

  • New: Increased performance of the transcoder
  • New: Improved handling of layer break position
  • New: Creates .dvd files for correct layer break handling
    with Virtual CloneDrive and CloneCD
  • New: Parses .dvd files for correct layer break position
    when writing to dual layer media
  • New: Show warning, if a single layer image file is about to be
    written to dual layer media
  • New: Added support for writers with drive letters “A” or “B”
  • New: Added “loop titles” option.
    As some DVD players behave weird, if DVD playback stops,
    all titles copied without menus will loop with this option
  • New: Added support for episodic DVDs, where episodes are only
    accessible as chapters.
  • Fix: Error compressing some discs
  • Some minor changes and improvements