CloneDVD beta

CloneDVD beta [B]This beta version is intended only for SlySoft customers.
There is no trial period. It can only be used with licenses purchased online.

This is beta software, intended for experienced users. Have fun testing!
Feedback is welcome. Thank you.[/B]

Version 2009 11 08

  • New: Increased performance of the transcoder
  • New: Improved handling of layer break position
  • New: Creates .dvd files for correct layer break handling
    with Virtual CloneDrive and CloneCD
  • New: Parses .dvd files for correct layer break position
    when writing to dual layer media
  • New: Show warning, if a single layer image file is about to be
    written to dual layer media
  • New: Added support for writers with drive letters “A” or “B”
  • New: Added “loop titles” option.
    As some DVD players behave weird, if DVD playback stops,
    all titles copied without menus will loop with this option
  • New: Added support for episodic DVDs, where episodes are only
    accessible as chapters.
  • Fix: Error compressing some discs
  • Some minor changes and improvements

Additional notes:
This version should fix compression issues with “The Dark Knight” (R1, US) and “Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary” (R1, US).
It should fix issues with “House M.D. Season 4” (R2, DK)
The “loop titles” feature from the last beta is now optional.