CloneDVD beta

CloneDVD2 V

Here it is:


Version 2007 05 19

  • New: Files created can always be compressed using DVD Shrink
    or Nero Recode (CloneDVD2 can be used as a preprocessor to
    deselect unwanted titles or streams)
  • Change: Workaround for registration problem on Windows Vista
  • Change: ElbyCDIO updated to increase compatibility with Vista

Have fun testing!

thanks Alan

i admit i’ve been a little out of the loop, but hasn’t this always been possible? I’ve used clonedvd to remove titlesets while keeping menus in DL mode for years now and then later do all of the compression in shrink.

or is this a case when there were a few titles that shrink would spit out with an invalid navigation structure error or whatever?

Thanks Alan.

It’s to fix the “uncompressable” error message that you could safely ignore but occurred on many ARccOS protected titles ripped with CloneDVD. It freaked some people out and they didn’t ignore it like the rest of us. And since they added the CloneDVD ripping code to AnyDVD to rewrite the ripper, they decided to fix this problem as well. The beautiful thing with both AnyDVD and CloneDVD using the same ripping engine is that when a bug is fixed in one there’ll be an update for the other almost immediately. :slight_smile: