CloneDVD released

Version 2006 02 28

  • Fix: Individual Stream selection was broken (bug introduced
    in CloneDVD
  • Fix: Stream selection quality bar sometimes invisible
  • Updated languages

Get it here.

Unfortunately this was not fixed yet. Yes, no big problem, but I am german, I must be anal about such things… :bigsmile:

Anyways, thanks for the update!

cheers, i must have checked just before they and it on :slight_smile:


My “missing quality bar bug” disappeared. :flower:


I personally hope that they don’t fix the mouse scroll problem you found :slight_smile: I think they should hide something behind it!

How is the “Mouse Scroll” a problem?

That would be a nice idea, I bet reasonsnotrules would like to have a picture of James in some hot spandex trousers/leather suite embedded. :wink:

@ bilbo65

No, this is not a real problem, nor is it critical in any way, but I think a polished product like CloneDVD should have a rock-solid GUI in any manner. I doubt that this behaviour was intended by the author initially, but maybe I am wrong. :flower:

a²°, i don’t have your problem


Hmm, strange, you have moved your mousepointer upon the sheep/about screen when you scrolled your mousewheel? The window won’t scroll when you just scroll your mousewheel while CloneDVD is opened.

mines scrolls all the way up, but there’s nothing under it

True. :bigsmile:

There is something under mine, but I know this is not true

Why is it saying this on mine? ? ?


HAMP, that just cracked me up! :slight_smile:

haha shirtless and in boxer shorts would do quite nicely. i expect this in the next update as it severely affects the functionality of the program for me…

(i’m probably starting to creep james out so bad. in other news: my boyfriend fully supports my crush on james and my online addiction as it means he gets to sleep longer since I don’t start bugging him until after I check my forums in the morning haha)

Click the sheep then scroll the registration and version info, that goes both ways.