Clonedvd DL?

does anyone know if this program will record on dvd-r DL? not the dvd+r Dl but the dvd-r dl???

I would guess that CloneDVD2 doesn’t care what the media is - it is only looking for free space to put the movie - I would say it would be all down to your burner, it’s firmware and the quality of the discs you are using. On the selection box I would presume it only gives +DL as thats was all that was available when that version was release - but again only guessing here, it is more to tell the program the available space, not the media type.

Who makes dvd-rDLs?

CloneDVD & CloneCD do not (yet) record on DVD-R DL. They DO record on DVD+R DL.

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The only Dual Layer (DL) – (minus) DVD media that I am aware of is Verbatim. There was a CD Freaks article concerning the release of this DVD-R DL media about 2 ½ months ago. Below is a link to the article.

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I have also heard this. :iagree:

so maybe elby should get jump in the game and make it so you can burn dvd-r dl!! i allways thought or have found that dvd-r s were capadible then thr +rs. but not so with the dls i guess…

Correct. DVD+R DL media can be “bitsetted” to look like a standard DVD-ROM, AFAIK with DVD-R DL you can’t change the booktype = less compatibility.

But does that mean DVD-R (SL) has more compatability than DVD+R (SL without bitsetting) as some don’t need it. ?

Don’t know much about DL, as i’ve never used it, it would be nice to know.

Yes, as DVD-R is much older and has probably been in the DVD-ROM specifications almost right from the beginning.

Recordable DL discs are a completely different story, as they are a new development.

See message below from Elby support:-

DVD-R DL should work, too. However, we haven’t tested burning with -R DL
thoroughly and the blanks vary in quality. Therefore we cannot grant you
100% that every DL writer will write to -R DL properly.

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Nico Roehr
Elaborate Bytes Support