I have prepared a new CloneDVD version for your testing pleasure. This release addresses one particular (but very annoying) problem:

Version 2005 04 22

  • Fix: Error message "DVDManager 5 … " when writing
    files to ISO Image, CD or DVD with certain DVD
    titles, e.g. Zone of the Enders Vol. 3 (UK) or
    Coffee and Cigarettes (German).
    This error occured with self made Video DVDs
    as well.

You can download it here:

Have fun!


Ollie you work awfully hard for a retired guy…LOL


is this problem only happening with the Uk and German titles? version finally fixed my problem. a little scared to try new update. do i really need this new version? and has anyone had any problems with it yet? just dont want to try new update and get the 400 min burn times again.


If your problem is fixed, I wouldn’t try this particular version. As Ollie stated it is for your ‘testing pleasure’.

But if you get the ‘DVDManager 5’ error, then you might want to try it and see if it will help, other then that, I wouldn’t try it.


I think Olli does entirely too much work! But I thank you for keeping all these products updated and continually fixing them all the time! Seems like you never rest.

Now if ALL software writes ect…followed in your footsteps, having crappy programs would be gone


This error can happen on any DVD I don’t know or care about. If I mention specific titles, this only means that I know, that it DOES happen on these DVDs (these are just examples for DVDs where this problem DOES happen).
Don’t worry, I destroyed CloneDVD once, I won’t do it again in such a short time.
The 64 bit move was a major change, where many things could go wrong (and some did), this here is a small bugfix.
But you don’t need it unless you find one of those DVDs I don’t know or care about.
And if you try to copy one of these DVDs, remember to update your CloneDVD version before asking “why does CloneDVD throw the error DVDManager 5 … IFOProperties … ?” :slight_smile:


No more testing pleasure - elby has published the bugfix:

Sorry to disappoint you, but they have a new Webmaster / Sysadmin / whatever… and this new guy seems to be really fast! :slight_smile:
(Who can translate “Neue Besen kehren gut”?) :slight_smile:


tried the update, and all burns went fine. wasnt trying to upset ya. thanks for all of the help. i really enjoy using clonedvd and olli is the best. :bigsmile:


Don’t worry, you didn’t!

Only as long until I destroy it again… :wink:


Sorry to disappoint you, but they have a new Webmaster / Sysadmin / whatever… and this new guy seems to be really fast! :slight_smile:
(Who can translate “Neue Besen kehren gut”?) :)[/QUOTE]

Here’s the translation:

[li]Neue Besen kehren gut … (Part 1 often used without part 2) [/li][list]
[li]Translation: “New brooms clean good…” [/li][li]Meaning: “New things may look good on the first glimpse…” [/li][/ul]

[li]…aber der Alte kennt die Ecken. (Part 2) [/li][list]
[li]Translation:"…but the old one knows the corners." [/li][/ul]
[/list]Meaning:"…but old things can still be better on the second look."


i have heard people say that when they download the new version, they keep their old version, just in case anything goes wrong. do you go to c:progam files and find clonedvd and create a new folder for it. just wondering how they were doing it?


No that method won’t work, you must save the downloaded setup file.
That executable file with install the drivers in the proper location as well as making the registry entries. You cannot save the files from the C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes and expect the program to function.


so just save the setup file of the old version somewhere on your hard drive, then install the new version. then if you have problems with the new version, just find and run the old setup file?


I think what you are looking for is, the way I am saving my old version is just renaming the download…

Install the newest version, If I have a problem, uninstall and reinstall the previous version or the last good one that worked.

The way you asked, it seems like you believe that 2 version are installed at the same time, as far as I know, that was only happened with CloneDVD and ClondDVD2Demo


sorry, hamp dont think i explained it right. say you have the latest version of clonedvd and in a couple of days they come up with a new update. you want to try it, but if there are any problems you want to go back to what you were using. what would be the best way to do that?

  1. You would still have the install for the lastest version on your computer somewhere.

  2. When you download the new update, you would change the name before downloading, to prevent a overwrite.

  3. Install the new update on top of the one already installed.

  4. If you don’t like the newest one, and want to go back, then just install the version before the new update.

The way people are keeping the older version is just renaming the installation file to the version #, and just install whatever version you want to use.


I have a folder in My documents called Anydvd & Clonedvd2, i save all the updates there, the setup files normally have the version number in them so they won’t overwrite other setup files, if not , put in the version number.

When you download the setup files, don’t click RUN, save it.

As Hamp & Itzbinnice has stated, if the newer version does not work correctly for you, then uninstall it and install the older version that worked right from the folder in My Doc’s.




Right, but usually updates do work correctly, and they are published for a reason. The recent problems were an exception.


I’ve no complaints, everything has worked great here. I have been reading that somepeople have just overinstalled the newer version and didn’t make a back up of there older version (save), and a very few has had small problems they can’t revert back.

I’ve not seen any other software that has the support that matchs slysoft/elby. :bow: :bow: :bow:


I had clonedvd 2811 installed. worked fine. Then updated with new 2821.
after burning movie and pushed dvd out the program came with error message.
Tryed both my plextor PX-712A and NEC ND2510A. Same result.
But movie was burned just fine.
Then uninstalled program and reinstalled 2821 - error gone.

just to tell if you have problems installing on top of old versions try this.

message was in code do not know what i means

code send to slysoft