CloneDVD (beta)

I have prepared a CloneDVD2 beta version for your testing pleasure. It has the long missing feature of playing all titles one after the other, if you copy without a menu. I hope you like it.

You can download it here:

Here are the changes from the last retail version:

Version (beta): 2005 01 30

  • New: All selected titles are now played one after the other,
    if “copy without menu” was chosen. The play order is set by
    the title number. The title marked as “first play” will always
    be played first:
    Example: Titles 10, 11, 13, 15 are selected, title 11 is marked
    as first play. The play order will be 11, 10, 13, 15.
  • New: Play will loop, if a copy without menus was created.
    In the example above, title 11 will start again, after title
    15 has finished.
  • New: Revision History can be accessed from the Start menu.
  • Change: Removed check for invalid filesize (fixes problem
    with file size mastering errors).

Many thanks Ollie for your continued work on CloneDVD!!

I can’t thank you enough for the constant updates!!


Olli, hi & thx ! Sure, many will do.
I’ve already expressed my POV here :

The excellent SW is just geting better & better, thank G0d !

I like the extra features. Thanks Olli. I see more newbie questions comming.

Where and how?

Start > Programs > Elaborate Bytes > Clonedvd2 > Clonedvd2 Revision History

Good stuff Olli once this version goes ‘gold’ I will have no further need for DVD Shrink, as the only time I ever used it since purchasing CloneDVD was to run titles one after the other without the need to use the remote control…

If I had to make comment - it would be to ask for the looping of the titles to be a configuable option. Perhaps a check box that would make the titles loop if it were selected.

Having had too many issues with other less well tested beta software I make it a point of principle not to use beta software on my machine, and sadly I’m not rich enough - nor do I have the space for a test machine. It’s nothing personal

I don’t see the need to make it configurable. I believe it has been pretty ugly in the past - the DVD simply “stopped”.
A DVD with menu would return to the title menu, but as there is none, looping will at least keep your DVD player busy… :slight_smile:

I can understand this, but in this case, it is very safe to use the beta. There were no changes made on crucial parts (drivers). You can even install the beta parallel to your existing version, if you want. To test the new functions, you don’t even need to burn a DVD. (Well, you have to, if you want to test it in a standalone player)

@ Ollie,

Is there a plan to allow the user to remove the junks at the start and end of the main movie title? This could reduce the compression level by 3 to 5%.

Yes, but not soon.

Oh please make the loop configurable !!! If I only burn one movie on a disk i don’t want to loop it over and over… At least if i fall asleep during the movie at the and no noise wake me up !!! :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for your awesome software !


It was just a thought, the lack of this option will not make me stop using CloneDVD :smiley:

It’s just a shame, for me [and shaman_fr] at least.

This is excellence future on clonedvd2, I love it, if you can add different title on HD/second DVD to made custom dvd would be the best, and the loop to begining of the first title not need just stop at the last title should be fine.
How soon clonedvd2 will have start/end to cut the frame you don’t want kids to watch, I’m looking forward to it

clonedvd2 get better and better

There are good reasons for the loop:
Skipping to the next title on your player’s remote will work, but skipping backwards most likely will not. If the titles are a “loop”, you can reach the previous title by hitting “next chapter” on the remote a couple of times. IMHO easier than hitting stop (maybe twice, because the player remembers the last position), then play, then next chapter…
The current solution is - from the UI point of view - a “quick and dirty” solution for a problem known for ages.
It is hopefully the best compromise without changing the UI. I really don’t want to have another option, which will confuse a lot of people.
In an improved UI design, maybe with an extra window, where you can modify the play order of the individual titles, such an option would indeed make sense.

A very --BIG-- Thanks to Olli!
Keep up the good work!
You’re the Best!

thank you olli your a god in my world!!! :bow: :bow:

Olli -

Will CloneDVD eventually be able to remove ALL the VOB-IDs like FBI Warning, Rating, Splash Screens etc. so that I can quit using IFOEdit and VOBRator? CloneDVD is able to see and remove some of them but rarely does it remove all of them.

Thanks again!

Top button: Movie only :wink:

Just copy the main movie title. This feature is available since forever.

Please Olli make this option configurable . P.S. Congratulations for your great work.