CloneDVD is out



CloneDVD is out!


  • new: workaround for NavigationPack 6 mastering error
  • new: workaround for invalid angle destination mastering
  • new: writedvd.dll is more tolerant, if setup of writer fails
  • new: writedvd.dll disables power saving and screen savers while writing
  • new: file dialogs now use themed buttons on Windows XP
  • fixed: string entry was blocked after showing a file dialog
  • changed: reset of trial period



Good,update to this new version


My impression may be wrong, but I have a feeling that this version is a bit slower than the previous one. Is it possible?

I checked it, same content, same burner, same media, result: previous version did it 4-5 mins quicker the whole process.

P.S.: I did not want to make a new thread.


Hmm, I just loaded and are getting almost identical results to the previous version.


:iagree: I have not noticed any slowing at all. A great program to use. :smiley: