CloneDVD is Better



Version is faster at processing DVDs. Is there a link where I can download the older version of CloneDVD I accidentally deleted my image file, so I’m stuck with version



Really? :confused:
There were no changes made, which could cause such a speed change…


Dunno, but I had version with an old copy of AnyDVD. Was working great. Then I updated AnyDVD to cause of a protected disc. That’s when things went downhill.

Was finally able to rip and burn last night using the latest version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. But when I used my reference DVD to check for speed, I discovered that the total processing time is now slower with AnyDVD and Clone DVD I switched back to the old version of AnyDVD but could not repeat the fast processing time.

Since I lost my backup image file, I could not restore my OS to retest CloneDVD

Perhaps CloneDVD is not at fault. But I would like to remove and retest with Did a GOOG search for but all the mirror sites were coming up as!



I am sure, the problem is caused by something else… Please check your DMA settings in Windows Device manager, they sometimes like to switch back to PIO without telling you.


@ furballi

PM me and tell me how you would like it sent, I do still have a copy of that version

but I would trust what Ollie has to say if I were you.


The drive is connected as the master drive of the secondary IDE channel. Windows and BIOS are reporting DMA mode 2.

I suspect Olli is also correct, but I just want to systematically remove all variables. Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:


Thanks guys and gals for the link to!



I just sent it to the provided e-mail you gave


e-mail came back recipients failed



Thanks to taking the time to help me. It could be that my email account cannot handle such a big file. Fortunately, I was able to obtain another download link from another forum user.

I will PM U again if this download is bad.



I am sorry to say that, but in another thread some weeks ago I indicated that according to my impression CloneDVD2 was faster.All my settings are the same, checked everytime I turn on and off my PC (evidently DMA is On). The difference was 4-5 minutes (same movie, same burner, same media, etc.). It is unbelievable, but true in my case. I don’t have an answer and actually I don’t really care, but nevertheless it is interesting.


Interesting… do you now, what became slower? Reading & Transcoding, Reading & remuxing, reading, writing?

Okay, let’s ask that differently: What operation did you do, when you “felt” the 4-5 minutes delay? Only “writing existing data” or “the whole thing”?
Did the transcoder kick in, or was the target size sufficient?

Actually file I/O & Transcoder were changed before, are you sure it was the switch ->


Sorry to hijack the thread, but I think furballi got what he wanted :D. What I wanted to know is…what DMA setting should my burner be set too. I have a Nu tech ddw-163 and my DMA setting is DMA 2. I read somewhere on the forums that 16x DVD-writers should be on DMA setting 4. Is this true? My writer burns DVD-+R at 16X.


I did not compress the data. Just dupe the main title and AC 6/3 soundtrack on one DVD SL (100% quality at the audio screen). The size is set to CUSTOM 4700.

Suspect the problem was with the rip time. Write time was around 11 minutes at 8X.


DMA should auto set to mode 2. It is not possible to alter this setting.



Yes, thats true. CloneDVD is faster. The overall progress with the new Version is approax 5 Mins slower on my Machine. That´s only when i did transcoding, but that don´t impressed me much. 5 mins less or more. There are other problems out there. 5 mins just went to the kitchen and drink a cup of coffee :wink:
Keep up the great work Olli. 5 mins is nothing. Quality is the only thing i care about.

so far

Sorry for the bad English :frowning:

  1. The whole process is longer for the mentioned 4-5 minutes. As I have noticed it is the transcoding that takes more time and lately the burning seems to be also slower, but that has to be checked more thoroughly. In this cases same media, same burner, same content was used.

  2. Yes, I am sure, it was

To provide more info:
Burner: Toshiba SD-R5272 8x (External, USB 2.0)
Media: Fuji DVD-R 8x (TYG02), Verbatim DVD-R 8x (TYG02).
Software: AnyDVD and Clone DVD2 (latest, in case of AnyDVD
Size of content: 1 hour 29 minutes

And I would like to emphasize it is just an observation from users who love to use this great software. And - at least - my impression may be wrong.

P.S.: Have not tried yet with the latest AnyDVD


You guys should do some testing, but separate the processing (copying, transcoding, burning) so you can get individual times to complete the same tasks with each version of CloneDVD2. Use the same commercial movie for all tests.


Good idea, but not original. Read the post below very attentively.
Transcoding and burning processes were handled separately already. Last but not least: evidently same burner, same media, same “content” is used, like it is stated below.


It was only a 2 sec. diffrence between the 2 version’s

Rig Tested on:

Toshiba DVD-ROM 1712
Plextor 708A - burner
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ OC’ED to AMD 3000+ 333FSB
512 mem
Gigabyte GA-7N400L motherboard
Powersupply: 400 watts

Used Imation DVD+RW
Media Code Philips 041 00

Movie used, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” widescreen with 120 MIN run time. I did not remove anything, made sure everything for audio was checked with 62% on the quality bar.


I’m getting about the same burn time with 120 min movies…35 to 45 minutes. Still dunno why some DVDs can only rip around 2.5X. With these problem discs, the total processing time will hit 1 hour.