CloneDVD is out

CloneDVD is out!!!

Version 2004 09 13
DVD+R DL discs now become type DVD-ROM on NEC (and compatible) writers to improve compatibility
always use ShareRead to avoid file access violation errors (32)
some minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Thank you for the update and link.

Got the link. downloaded file, still version when will the site be updated?

that’ s odd I went tot he download location via the posted link last night and downloaded it and mine is version

You can download it here as well:

Hope this helps!

Can clonedvd strip the FBI warnings and the annoying rating screen?

AnyDVD does it, not CloneDVD2.


Concerning AnyDVD, though I know it’s another thread: some minor changes would be welcomed in case of two languages in the newest version. I have sent you (SlySoft) an e-mail with the details.