Clonedvd Directory not found video_ts

Please help have used clonedvd and anydvd since the beginning. am now using clonedvd2.4.5.4 and anydvd getting error in preview window
directory not found f:/video_ts eventhough its there when you do a browse.
f: is my dvd reader…This happened with the bob hope tribute collection. what gives and what to do??/ thanks…wiz

Update… In the information window…everything comes up video information titles…etc but in the preview window the video_ts error is there also this is a dvd -5 movie and it shows 58% compression but on next screen it doesnt read the quality…like on other dvd’s. Is this a new bug or a new protection sceme… I inserted a spiderman store bought dvd and it works fine…thanks.

OK here it is…BTW I thought I gave a hardy hello to everyone…If I didnt.Let me appologize…I have anydvd running in the background…copyied road to morocco to the hard drive and burned a perfect usable dvd… So the proplem lies with clonedvd …I think…Please input if you would

Same thing happened to me after I updated my firmware for my NEC 2500A.
I will uninstall and reinstall and see what that does…