On the Slysoft-Server is CloneDVD and on the Elby-Server is!!!
Is this right???


Yes, but they are both identical.
Only difference is, where the “Order” button in the unregistered version points to.


Thank you Olli,for the information!!! :bow:


Are there going to be any changes in the future that will not allow me to register a version from Elby with my serial from Slysoft? Also, won’t this get confusing with different version numbers?


No, the serials are exchangeable.
About the confusion - yes, it is confusing.


Are the rights sold to slysoft or something? Why are there two different versions of the same program?


SlySoft acquires license on CloneDVD from Elaborate Bytes

SlySoft acquires license for the selling of CloneDVD


OMG, there SlySoft go, touching stuff, Ollie tell them to leave it alone and just sell it. The last time SlySoft touch something, it went down the drain. lol :iagree: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No, these versions are identical. These are only different builds: It is where the order button of the demo version points to.
And there are no two different versions, there are even more (Softonic, Spain has an own order link. Oh yes, I believe has an own orderlink as well)…
It was stupid to have different build numbers for these versions, because people smell conspiracy, but in fact, that’s what they are: different builds.

Please, don’t make an issure out of nothing.


I wouldn’t say AnyDVD (another fine product brought to you by Elaborate Bytes) went down the drain, and I am very happy with CloneCD 5 as well…


Yes AnyDVD is a GREAT piece of work, it really is and I do love it. I do like CloneCD 5, thats about it “Like it”, can’t brag about it like I use to, and telling people to get it.


Maybe it would be less confusing if the version numbers stayed the same, but it was branded a little differently for Slysoft. Example: “v2.4.3.1-S”, or “v2.4.3.1 (”. Maybe put the Slysoft logo in a couple of places.

I think using outright different version numbers is just going to be bad in the long run. Especially for people who do not frequent sites like this one.


I agree, it is confusing and should be changed in the future.


It was confusing me too first. I went to Slysoft Homepage and saw there
is a new version. But then I read the changelog (Revision History) and
everything was clear to me

Version 2004 08 06

  • special SlySoft release (“buy now”-button points to