CloneDvD 2004 08 04 released!

Revision History

Version 2004 08 04

  • fixed file corruption issues

thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Link would have been nice, even though we all know elby’s addy by now HeHe

thanks Olli - fast reaction

Thnx 4 the fast fix Olli :slight_smile:

Incredibly fast response! I just did a test rip & burn and it works perfectly – no artifacts, no stutter…no errors. :iagree:

Great job!

what if you have lost the orginal key where you purchased the boxed version? Have You lost the original Year of Updates Olli?

You mean, you lost your box?

yes, I’ve lost my box after just over 6 months. I really didn’t think I would need after about the first month. I guess I’m just screwed. Too bad it wasn’t by a good lookin woman