CloneDVD 2.2 (not slysoft)

Who knows the software clonedvd 2.2 (
How is the quality? Better than DVD2one, clonedvd -slysoft etc.???

It’s crappy from what i’ve read here

it’s really worse! :a
don’t get it, it’s crap!

Now the version 3.0.15 is out. I have tried it, the result was good on my 82 TV!!

Yeah, it violates the “CloneDVD” trademark owned by Elaborate Bytes AG and it costs 100 USD! :Z

Sorry Olli,
i only want to discuss the quality of the proggie. Is there a great difference between elobarate and the other product???

There is no “quality” to talk about.

CloneDVD2 is a software. CloneDVD 2.2 (not slysoft) is a pseudo-software.

“pseudo-software” ??

Everybody can buy the proggie; why pseudo???
Only important is the quality and the other functions and that is what I want to discuss!!

why don’t you find out yourself? they offer a trial download.

Yeah, I was going to say isn’t that a rip-off?