CloneDVD 2.0 instructions

Are there any instructions for the newer version of CloneDVD available. I notice that by reviewing the instructions for the older version, they are totally different. Also, can CloneDVD be used alone to copy a complete DVD? I know there are no editing options in CloneDVD, but when I got to copy a complete DVD with CloneDVD, I only end up with part of the movie on CD-R and I don’t know where the rest of the movie went, to burn it on to CD-R #2.



CloneDVD is made to copy from a DVD to a 4.7Gig DVD. If you want to rip to a VCD then you’ll need different software.

I think.

Do you mean this [COLOR=blue]CloneDVD 2.0 ? [/COLOR]

I am burning to DVD+R, not CD-R…sorry for the confusion.
Yes I am using that CloneDVD. It appears as though you can Take a complete DVD (I tried T3) and burn it to two DVD’s which will include the menus and chapter selection. I tried this, I have up to chapter 23 on 1 DVD but don’t see how to get the rest of the Rip from the movie onto DVD #2.

Thanks Again


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Yes I am using that CloneDVD

I’m afraid you’ll be forced to wait until you get a feedback from some1,
who’s more familiar with the mentioned by you CloneDVD 2.0.

See, the thing is that this particular forum is mainly dedicated to its “namesake”, i.e. :

Well that explains why the directions i have seen online don’t quite work for this one… Also, the people who make this product, do not respond to my emails. And what I really can’t believe is that they do not provide any directions on how to use it. I really do like the ease of use that it has, especially after using DVDprofessional4 and its many programs and out dated instructions. I hope that someone else here was suckered into buying the wrong CloneDVD and has received instructions on using it.



clonedvd the one you are talking about, is a rip off of the real CloneDVD from Elby it came out before, but knowing that there was already a CloneDVD being released.