Clonedvd errs on maximum setting with 1x medium -R on 4x burner?

Has anyone else noticed that now that we can set the burn speed to maximum that sometimes dvd’s don’t play quite right… or hang up if too much background activity was done during the burn when set to maximum?..

I had version before and I didn’t have that problem… but it also didn’t burn quite as fast as this version?

So since there is no governor… maybe it would be wise to turn the speed setting down if too much background activity will be done?.. sometimes I’m spitting an existing rip, while ripping, while burning all at the same time? and browsing the internet too… maybe maximum setting too much for my 1x rated bargain disks from compusa, while burning with my 4x rated burner? ie: sony DWU 14A firmware 1.0c??

> maybe maximum setting too much for my 1x rated bargain disks from compusa, while burning with my 4x rated burner? ie: sony DWU 14A firmware 1.0c?? <

Well, why don’t you set the write speed to 1x then, when you write 1x rated discs?

There is a reason why the disc are rated the way they are! Wanna write at 4X get some 4X rated disc…

I could do that, but I’m used to using nero I guess… it has smart technology;… the good part is that if your using crappy cds that are rated at 48X like memorex… it may only copy some of them at 24X because it senses the quality of the cd is such that it can’t copy any faster and still have reliable information…

On the plus side… I can put a good quality cd in and copy at 52 speed and get away with it and trust that the quality is good because it let me do it!..

This is mindless in the sense that it attempts to copy as fast as it can… and I still rarely ever have and coasters… but I can’t trust how many errors I had either…

Just curious: Was AnyDVD’s Speed Control enabled when burning?

I wasn’t using anydvd… was using clonedvd

I started having failures… several in a row… even on 1X speed… I noticed the sides of the cd’s looked “a pink tinge”… so I dug in the trash and pulled out the ones that were coasters… I held them up to the light and on the part of the cd that was Mirror… I could see through it… sure it knocked out most of the light as I held it up between my eyeball and my ceiling light… but I could still see through it… some of them I could see so well that I could read all the information of the lightbulb several feet away!
I think I got a bad batch…

These were bought from compusa for 7.99 for 10 “with the jewell cases”!.. what a bargain right!.. we maybe not!!!

Anyway… if you guys get those cheap bargain disk… may be good to see if they are reflective or see-through!.. my good ones I can hold up to the light and I see nothing but mirrored face looking back at me as no light gets through!..

I did have many that did ok with just a faint image of the lightbulb peeking through… but I suppose its most desirable to have enough reflective medium that you only see mirror…
Also some of the disk are irregular in their reflective abilities… in other words some areas of the disk are better than others.
I’ve seen occiliscope test that plextor does that reflect this tendency in cheap disk too.

I also have some tdk disk… I can’t see through them at all.

Hope this helps somebody else…


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