Cloned DVD plays on PC not on DVD player

I have done backups of a number of my DVD’s with great success! Here is my problem. I tried to backup my original Men In Black disk and was not successful. I used cloner in the usual way and the movie file played great on my computer but would not play in my stand alone DVD player. So, I checked all burner config, burned another movie to test (worked fine) then burned MIB again, still bad. Next, I isolated the main movie, and recreated the IFO files with IOFedit. No work. Have made many coasters trying to save MIB. Do you have suggestions? Does the software completely recreate the IFO files to avoid problems of getting into endless loop? Please help. Is there any way to specify aspect 16:9 and the 5.1 English sound track with cloner?

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It depends if you are using +R’s or -R’s, Some DVD players only use one or the other, some use both but maybe the DVD’s(+ or -) you are using will not play on your stand alone DVD player.

  1. Which DVD’s are you using
  2. What is the brand and model of the player?


Usual problems are the player doesn’t like the media … Ritek G04 or variants using G04 usually OK.

Some players will only play discs burnt using NERO 6. Discs I have burnt using Clone and Copy ot DVD play fine on most machines, but certain machines will only see a NERO burnt disc. Soething to do with Joliet packet writing ? Does NERO finalise the discs better ? differently ?

Give Nero a go … a bit more fiddly to use, Guides available if you look. :iagree:

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