Install Clone 2021 , save CloneCDT.dat
Install Clone v.2023 ,
Replace CloneCDT.dat with the saved one .

run CloneCD.exe and enter Serial.

User Name: Bill Pugh

The best 2000


Hey, Tnx “2k”, I it.


Does it work with version ??? does it work at all,


Where do I find version Currently I have a demo version.


Don´forget to remove the Keycheck


I tried, 2023 and 2024!, non worked.
How can I remove the keycheck?

I can go back to the 1024 version without regristration because the prog can find my previous reg.


Look in your program dir (cloneCD_2023)
remove Keycheck.
Don´t forget to replace your saved cloneCDT.dat file from 2021.


it works for 2023 not for 2024 different size of dat file?
none with a keygen?


CloneCDT.DAT = CloneCD! so if you replace it with a .DAT from a older version you HAVE the older version! The CloneCD.exe unpacks CloneCDt.dat (in memory) and runs it with some info (like version) thats why to OLD cracked versions of CloneCD says v0.0.0.0 in the about box! (do you think a GOOD cd-r prog is 88kb large?)


Let me know when someone has the Serial for the new version, thx…

mail any response to:


If someone has got the newest serial (, let me know…

Thx a.l.

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