The new release of CloneCD is able to produce a playable copy of games using Safedisc v2.8.010 now. I used it to copy “The Sims Unleashed” and it worked in all the drives I’ve tried it in so far. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone, but they did an upgrade to the code and fixed some issues so it does work better than it did.

I have not coded since the Apple II 6502 & 65C02 assembly language and I didn’t have a good program so I had to write in machine code which was very cumbersom. However, if anyone out there remembers Test Drive, Instant Pascal, Wastland, Legacy of the Ancients, and Strike Fleet to name a few. I cracked all those games. There were other cracks out there besides mine, but the games would load much slower than mine. I seen other crackers write an entire new loader when they only needed to change a couple of bytes in the code. I mentioned these particular games because they could not be copied without altering the DiskII Controler. You could do this by changing the speed or the read/write head band width. The latter is non-trivial and must be done by someone who knows how to read a volt-meter. The point of all this is that no matter how good your software is the drive will always have limitations. The Commercial software venders was able to produce protection schemes that could not be copied by a normal drive without hardware modification or changing the program code to not look for the protection by 1983 and the same thing is happening now. CloneCD has done a very smart thing though. The “Virtual Drive” can overcome all the hardware limitations so even if it can’t be copied, you will still be able to use the software. It is the ultimate crack in itself.

CloneCD is the best copy program out there. I am waiting to see if they will change their program to copy the disc image at the bit level and analyse the image before it is written to a CD. When I say bit level I mean the whole track. It is not possible to read bit per bit into memory due to hardware limitations. The coders out there know what I mean though. If done this way it may be possible for all drives to reproduce safedisc 2 protections along with Tages, Starforce, Securom 4.8x. Well, I don’t know about Starforce because it depends on the radial allignment of sectors and I’m not sure the hardware could deal with that, but maybe some trials and analysis with drive speed could do it. These were some of the features in Copy II Plus 9.1 back in the 80’s. Does anyone remember a program called Locksmith?

I found some drives that my backup copys of games with SafeDisc 2.8.010 would not work in. I was hoping the new version had it down, but it still needs some work.

Clone CD failed on me with Fifa 2003, Safedisc 2.8 with Liteon LTR-40125W @48x. Very strange with the new version. It passes the CD check, except gets some sort of error of performing illegal operation. Failed on me with Alcohol too. However, people say that CD Mate works great but I haven’t had a chance to try. My point is…:confused: