CloneCD4.0 Final Released in Japan

At 4am this morning when I woke up as I couldn’t sleep, I decided too have a browse of the net. I came across a link for the Final Release of CloneCD4.0!(I have seen a picture of the Retail Boxed version with Japanese writing. If I knew how too paste a picture into this msg then you would see for yourselves.

Very strange I would say as Beta 30 wasn’t released all that long ago! and then it went very quiet! I download this program as I was very curious, the file name is http://// I have ommitted the site as we need to confirm with Ollie if this is indeed the final or a hoax? Why would he release CloneCD onto the Japanese market first, the mind boggles. I will mention that the filesize of beta 30 is 2.19meg when compared to 3.66meg for the Final Release? I have installed it ok, did have a minor problem which I resolved without much trouble. (This version I downloaded is in English, thought I would just mention it, and it works fine and it is not a demo as suggested) :smiley:

B.T.W if you install it, it will say the evaluation period is over and it needs to be registered, or you can’t use it. I guess that is what they meant by the term demo(you can try it for x no of days, then it needs too be registered if you want to carry on)

minor problem you might ask? Use yer loaf and you will know what I am on about.

Greetz from The Diplomat :wink: