i just downloaded the newest clone cd2.0.x and when i rebooted it gave me a vxd error and wouldnt finish booting so i had to go into safe mode and remove the clonecd.vxd from windows/iosubsys folder then it rebooted fine
is it just my system or was there a conflict from the previous version of clone cd?
im running winders98 SE…
but it seemed to make a backup of my partition magic 5.xso i guess hteres no problems that i know of other than needing a keygen for it…


Have you got Nero installed? The new clonecd seems to have a problem with it.


yeah i also have nero installed…but it seems to work fine now that i deleted the clonecd.vxd file other than the reg keys…


ok i just downloaded the newest clone cd that was released 3-4-2000 and it did fix the crashing that the first 2.x release was doing to me with the vxd as stated in the above message…


Bill Pugh