When copied with clonecd it shouldn't need a crack.
I had a similar problem though. Try overwriting the reg file(in which your settings and proofile are) from high stakes, that worked for me.



WhEn i So CaLled(i THiNk) BurNed a GAMe For ExamPLe, NEeD FoR sPeed HighstaKes, ThE lOg DisPlays aLl tHesE ErrOrs ThaT iT cOuldNt ReaD. ThE coPy wOrks FiNe oN mY coMp, BuT wHen i WeNt tO trY it oN mY frIendS cOmp, It SaYs To PLace iN Cd. WhAt tHe he1L is GoiNg oN?
**DiDnt CheCk oFF FaSt SkiP ErrOrs, All OtHer CopiEs wOrked WitHout CheCkiNg iT ExcePt thIs oNe


Anybody knows if N4S needs a crack? If so, you can check Gamecopyworld


Need for speed 4 (I believe high stakes is no.4, isn’t it ?) is protected with Safedisc. Indeed, if copied with clonecd u shouldn’t need a crack, but I guess your friend does. Try the Generic Safedisc Laxity crack.

Or even better go here :
under unpackers u can find C.U.Dilla

It can help u make your own crack of most safedisc protected gamez.


The Laxity Generic Crack doesn’t work anymore on the latest safedisc games!!!

You’ll have to use VeNoM386s Generic Safedisc Emulator - it works with EVERY safedisc (and soon either on every securom protected) protected game.
The latest version can be found (and is always released first) on my homepage at .