CloneCD didn’t work with my HP8100i (with driver firmware 1.0n from Sony - this for burning 700MB disks). It gave the message that the rewriter was ‘not supported’. Which (re)writers are supported?
Does anyone know?


Check the site of clone cd…


Their site is under construction…
But I read in your CloneCD-interview, in the last question, that the HP8100 and the Sony CRX100 never will be supported because they ‘just can’t do it’(?). That’s a pity for all the owners of these beautiful rewriters, isn’t it.


Yes it is but maybe if sony comes up with another firmware??? it would??

seems that you will have to use an other burningprogram…


WVZ… Go here

for the info you requier on clone this link works


Thanks, this link works.
But unfortunately here I also find the message that the HP 8100 and the Sony 100CRX (among many others) will NEVER be supported (see under CloneCD FAQ, the first question).
So no more hope for all of us using these burners!!