Have had CloneCD ( now on ver ) Registered ) for years now no problem:bow:

Probelm i am having is when i try to copy from a image on my H/D to a cd cloneCD i am getting the message >>>> Image unable to fit on destination disc <<<< the destination CD/DVD’s are big enough :wink:

I have not had this problem ever before i even get the above when i try on previous images that have been OK ??? it is happening on my WIN7 also XP PC’s both PC’s have been OK CD drives the same as on previous burns:rolleyes:

This is a mystery to me input be much appreciated.


Hi Lads n Lasses

My apologies i have found the problem grrrrrrrrr was a bad batch of CD’s unbelievabley 5 of them


You should just post your question in one Forums site not two sites. Unless the problem is a problematic issue.