Ok i have the serial for CloneCD now i need the link! pretty lame Huh!

yep thats lame…

suggest you start searching in this forum thing. the link …its there.

ok ok ok…i feel sorry for ya:

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New features:

Improved Software Error Correction for better read results
Increased write speed to 2x, when CloneCD is running in Demo Mode
Progress is now displayed in the program icon in the task bar. Now you can monitor the progress, even if CloneCD is minimized.
Added Options to fine-tune Fast Error Skip settings
Type of Error Correction can now be specified (None, Software or Hardware)
Number of read retries can now be specified
Added Help for Sound Settings
Read Speed Settings can be selected easier
Minor cosmetic changes
Compatibility fixes and improvements:

Toshiba CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs:
In certain situations, the improved Fast Error Skip speed was a little bit too fast, and the drive read unreliable. The default settings for these drives are now more conservative, but you can use the new “Fast Error Skip” fine tuning to push your drive to the limit if you like.
Plextor CD-ROMs, Plextor CD-Writers, SONY CD-Writer CRX-120E, CRX-140E/S, CRX-145E/S, HP CD-Writer 8200i, 8210i, 9100i, 9110i, 9200i, 9210i, 9300i, 9310i:
The defaults for “Fast Error Skip” haven’t changed, but if you have scratched or otherwise damaged disks, you can increase the retry count with the new “Fast Error Skip” fine tuning options.
Plextor PX-R820:
To fully evaluate CloneCD with this writer, the demo write speed has been increased to 2x.

Damn, de volgende versie is inderdaad ook alweer uit. Versie fixt een kleine bug:

Fixed startup problem with certain configurations introduced in CloneCD