I’ve been reading threads most of the morning, and I notice quite a few stories pertaining to cloneCD. I use ANYDVD,& CLONEDVD2, and I’m wondering if CloneCD is considered better than CloneDVD2.

Only when using Verbatim +R Double Layer discs . . . :wink:

The programs do different things. Others will offer more complete information than I will. But I believe what I stated above is the correct answer (provided you’re using these products to backup movies).

Thanks, I know I use ANYDVD, & Clone DVD2, and they work perfectly until I got to Attack Force, which I see everyone is, or was having the same problem.

Clonedvd2 will not retain the original layer break position when using double layer discs or dual layer discs. Clonecd will retain the original layer break position when using +R DL discs.

Verbatim happens to be the only +R double layer disc that’s not complete junk, imo.

Anydvd works with Attack Force.

Thanks, I hadn’t tried to backup Attack Force again. I have the original, but I like to set one aside so my kids won’t put me completely out of focus.