CloneCD Xbox 360 Backups only show as DVD in Xbox 360

Up until a week or so ago I could burn any disc no hassles, but all of a sudden all my Xbox 360 discs now are burnt with no errors but show up as Play DVD on the 360 and if they play it says to play this disc put it in an Xbox 360. Can anyone help me as I have tried everything and I am almost up to a whole spindle of dual layers wasted. I have tried it with Verbatims and Riteks and it made no difference. I have also tried it on a different PC that worked last time and for some reason it did not work this time also. Has there been any extra put into the Xbox 360 games to stop them working??


The same thing happened to me and i just couldn’t find a solution - every time i put the discs in my console it just told me to put them in a xbox 360 console. I figured out that its not that the xbox 360 can’t read the discs its just that the discs are pretty much empty - there are no game files on it (put it in your pc and you’l see what i mean)
This means that clone cd can no longer recognise the xbox 360 games because of some new protection software and it is just putting the useless dvd movie files on it

I worked out what my issue was and it was that I was using the wrong type of Dual Layer DVD’s. For Xbox you need is DVD DL+R not -R which was my stupid mistake!

i am having the same problem
do you havew a solution yet

i notice on the games that work there is only a audio and video ts

but on the ones that come up play dvd they also have a folder called


does anybody now why

my problem has started since the upgrade from a game where it changed my menu that comes up and you now have to set up an avatar

I’m having the same problem. All of the xbox 360 games that i have burned previously still work but most of the new ones I burn just say play dvd when i try to play them in my 360. Can anyone help?

I have the same problem.

All new games i burn with CloneCD show up as a XBOX360 logo and in some kind of DVD movie mode.

Type of DVD+R DL is fine since i burned my other game backups with this.

What is wrong? Firmware iXtreme 1.6


One more here with the same problem
Do we have a solution for games shown as dvd’s when burning with clone cd ?

One shot boot solved the problem for me.

Download and burn a one-shot-boot dvd and use it to run the specific games :slight_smile: