CloneCD Won't Work

I have a Matshita CD-RW 7586 W/firmware Revision :1.08
I’m using CloneCD, and when I try to copy a SafeDisc CD the
CD reader can not read it. I’ve followed the instructions from Detect.exe to no avail.
The other Cd I can’t copy, Detect says it’s None or Unknown.
It can not read it.
I’ve used it on other cd’s and it works fine. I’m a NewBee.
Thanks in Advance:

The bill list it as a Panasonic 8x4x32 CDRW
The Properties as Matshita CD-RW 7586
The instructions as RW8439E (CW-7586-B)
Panasonic sells them for OEM–Figure that one out.
Thanks in Abvance:

Matshita is not listed at the supported writers at
Is Matshite the right name of your writer?

For Safedisk 2 it must support correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns.
For Safedisk (1) it must support RAW-DAO 16.