Clonecd won't open in XP

Using Windows XP Home, I cannot open Clonecd. When I try and start it, I just get an error message saying that a problem was encountered and that it cannot be opened. What’s wrong?

Hi modyouup welcome to cdfreaks,

did you try a reinstall?, maybe it’ll work.

Yeah I deleted the alias off my desktop and downloaded the setup again and installed it (which I guess overwrote whatever was in the program directory?) and it didn’t change anything.

Okay, I just ran the uninstall and installed clonecd again and restarted the system and still when try to open the application it just encounters a problem. How the hell do I open this?

what is the error message?

I don’t know, it gives no details at all. Just that it’s
“encountered a problem and must close.”

What version of CloneCD? Are you installing with the VD?

The latest version. What’s the VD?

I think VD=Virtual Drive, but there is none in newest version of CloneCD :confused:

Yes, I think the CloneDrive was removed when CloneCD 4 came.

The CloneDrive was removed when it was sold to Slysoft as I recall.

I have the last version of ClonCD that came with CloneDrive(,but I got a copy from
Also, this was the last version to be compatble with ClonyXXL. So, basically all versions thereafter do not pocess the capibilities of; according to my research :slight_smile:

Speaking of which, I can’t get CloneCD to work with ClonyXXL, even after reading the “CloneCD 4 Command Line Options(in the help file).” The only thing I could think of was to make a .bat file that executes CloneCD.exe /copyprof=C:\program fil…etc.

??? The newest ClonyXXL cannot make CloneCD Profiles due to a legal issue, but versions before it can. If you use an older version it should still be compatible with the current CloneCD (

just get old version of clone cd from and try to use it.