CloneCD with Alcohol 120%

Hi guys,
1 simple question: CloneCD ( can be installed togheter Alcohol 120% ( ??? :confused:

I know that each program have a emulation system that load at system startup. So my question is: the 2 programs can generate conlfict when installed in my system?

ty in advance :bow:

No they don’t conflict on most systems!

They dont conflict on my system, both installed!

Yep same have both installed and they work just fine.


THX guys :bow: I’ll install Alcohol immediatly :bigsmile:

however other experiences is accepted :iagree:

They both work fine together on my system.


lol, they both worked great when i had them installed on my pc (windows Xp) but alcohol 120%'s trial expired, so i had 2 uninstall it, does anyone know how to bypass it ???

If you liked it, then you should buy it! I know this is not the answer you wished for, but that’s the only one you can get here.

I’ve installed them both and work perfect…

thx for your reports guys :wink:

If you like the program, pay for a licence. :slight_smile:

When you install alcohol 120% in a system, plextor cd-roms can give you problems when you use clonecd for reading any cd.