CloneCD & Windows ME



Anybody know which version of CloneCD is compatible with Windows Millenium?? I tried version 2843 without success…Thanks guys…


Almost all CloneCD version are compatible with WinME… I’ve been running ME for quite some time now and had no problems with CloneCD. I’m now using the latest CloneCD version…


Thanks for your input…I installed ver. 2852 and it works… I believe 2852 is the earliest version that is compatible with ME.


Cool :slight_smile:

I think older versions than v2.8.5.2 already were supporting WinME though… It’s been a while since I’ve been using the 2.x.x.x versions of CloneCD :slight_smile: Ah well it worked and that’s what counts!


Gamefreak is correct…i can’t even think of an unreleased Beta that Olli gave me that didn’t work with winME