CLoneCD will support all recorders

I just posted the article CLoneCD will support all recorders….

Submitted by: Phoenix

As anounced by Olli on the CloneClinic website today:
'…Just to let you know - next version of CloneCD will support all burners,…

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WHat??? Gret news…but if it cant copy protected cds…like psx…then whats the point of CloneCD? CloneCD never worx w/ me…hate that shit

I don’t understandt, why blindread and disjugler in raw mode due PSX and cloneCD
fuck it Up , bring some good work not fake shit!!


OK, what’s the difference between “enhanced CD” and “CD Extra”. I thought that the latter was just a new name to replace the former.

I think you will find that it can’t copy “PSX protected” - those PSX cds with extra copy protection - which are not many. I’m sure it will copy normal PSX games…


question: what is Subchannel Data?

do i need any other program to use clone cd with? i am having problems i am new to this and would a prieciate the help . thanx

jajaja here come Oli with CloneCD to make millions of fans happy. !support all recorders “The Empire strike back” Sorry Blindwriter I got no problem with RAW,DAO,SAO,TAO,PAO,NAO,MAO,ZAO,KAO,YAO,XAO, UAO,GAO,WAO,RAO,FAO,VAO,LAO,BAO,QAO,CAO,HAO, IAO,AAO,EAO 3Plextor 1 Yammi 1 S&F

Strange, no offense Olli, but how come that now all of a sudden CloneCD manage to support all writers, while the last couple of months (before there was any competition) they stated that it was absolutely impossible to support writers like yamaha, etc.

It gives me the impression that CloneCD just didn’t want to add support for these writers. (Why?)


It states that CloneCD will use the SOA RAW mode to burn the cd’s. This is not the same as the RAW PQ or PW mode.

RAW PQ is partial RAW en RAW PW is what CloneCD uses. This mode can copy any disc.

Then there is the SAO RAW without subcode (supported by 95% of the burners on the market). And SAO RW subcodes. This mode is only supported by recent burners.

buy a toshiba reader and a sony writer guys .

No better buy a
HP-Writer and a toshiba reader

HP are sony a rebadge

i know sony makes hp writers

NO NO NO NO … Just buy the new 12x/4x/32x PleX-Writer if you got enough money.It is very fast on reading SAFEDISC protected CD`s and it can also write them!

Yeah, that’s right, the Plex 12/4/32 really kicks ass and guess who owns one
Ah yes, ‘Re:Vive!’, the last 10 PSX-Games i copied were all copyprotected and could only be copied with CloneCD. But of course you can still use the patches.

Yes, the PlexW 124 Rulez !
And Clone CD too
Olli is a very good programmer !
He managed the whole Clone CD nearly alone …
Can someone of you do that ?
I think he wants to do more work in stability and making the read and write code better than support more burners …
Its surely good for the one who got a burner which wasn´t support by Clone CD …
But the one who got a burner supported already by Clone CD …
They have to wait longer for a new version with better read and write code …

Without giving any marks - people just look what competition can do !!!
btw: from all this “exept this mode , without this protection …” i think Oli just going to make salesman trick - he will do RAW writing on RAW Writers and on allothers he is just going to do regular writing just like CDRWin , Nero , …

CloneCD RuleZ…
Ver. can copy SafeDisc
Games with a Yamaha 4416s
Perfectly… no crack needed…