CloneCD website wheres the drive support?



Remember when CloneCD was owned by Elby they had a list of drives on their site that supported the various writing types e.g. DAO-RAW 16 for Traxdata 8432 etc, well do the new owners of CloneCD not have a list of the writing abilities of the drives? Im trying to find out info on an Artec WRR-52Z (yes i know they are crap but i picked it up for like £1.50)


There is a list here just click on your burner and you will get the info you are looking for…


Cheers, is the list not updated anymore?


Trouble is with latest safedisc sheep count dont really matter as lots of 2 sheep drives even fail on latest safedisc…
btw the Artec WRR-52Z is a 1 sheep drive


Seems so, as I remember my Plextor Premium being 2 sheep burner (only Plextor being it BTW) on elbys site, but this mirror doesn’t have entry for it, so it most definately aren’t updated either.