CloneCD vs. EAC

I’ve been using Any/DVD and CloneDVD for quite awhile. I’ve been very happy with them for burning DVD’s. I’d like to back-up my CD collection as well. I figure that CloneCD is probably a no brainer (user-friendly) program to use just as CloneDVD, but it sounds like Exact Audio Copy is the best for quality.

The learning curve for EAC looks like a bit much. I’ve read the tutorials and I think I could figure it out. Also, I read this… Then I had concerns because my drive is a BenQ dw1640. Sound like you have to set the write offset and the read offset to different setting based on the speed that you are burning? Sounds like a lot of work!

I’m sure EAC is probably more feature rich and gives the user total control. So my question… Does EAC provide better quality results than CloneDVD? AND, If I use EAC can I find v0.95 beta 3 so I can get around copy protection. OR, does AnyDVD work with beta 4