Clonecd VS BrindWrite

Hi there, all…

I’ve done some reading about BlindWrite and it sounds as though it may be a quite competent piece of 'burning software. How does it stack up to clonecd? Can it cut through (provided you have the proper hardware) the same protections Clonecd can? If anyone has any experience on this and would be so kind as to inform me, I would of course be most appreciative.



I’m not 100 pct sure it will cut through the same protections as CloneCD will, but It have been doing a great job on my system !

Liteon 24102B, WIN XP, VIA KT266A.

I like The BlindWrite suite very much, simply because it can burn ISO, CUE and other formats and it can also make ISO, BIN etc. images.

It can easily make backup copies of SecuRom Protected Disks and the newer version also have an “Enhance Weak Sectors” option.

Since I switched from an i815EP based chipset to a VIA KT266A, CloneCD havent made the best of discs ! Meaning sometimes my Toshiba 1612M DVD drive are having a hard time reading the CD’s CloneCD make but not the ones Nero or BlindWrite makes !!!

I havent tried the newest versions of CloneCD, so I can’t say whether the issues with VIA chipsets + Win XP and CloneCD have been resolved.

It can also make backup copies of Max Payne although it does not have the “Fast error skip option” it can make copies almost as fast as CloneCD can.

is blind write that good???

yup !
at least when used with a LiteOn 24102B