CloneCD vs. Alcohol 120%

I’ve used both in these programs and they’re both excellent. In the past (3 years ago), Alcohol 120% had advantages over CloneCD. But now, there isn’t many reviews on either. Can someone please explain or show me an updated review between these 2 software? I am interested in purchasing CloneCD, but I just want to know the differences between it and Alcohol 120%. Thanks!

yes that would be gret

at the moment nether as avantage over the other at the moment they are all stuck

meaning they can’t copy the latest protections?

i think i am right in saying that alcohol 120 % is better as it is able to copy the latest protections. Unfortunately the latest burners are not up to it, as a 3 sheep burner has yet to be released.

what about the lite on 5232s?

I’ve used Alcohol for backing up everything and have had 100 % success with all protections other than Starforce ofcourse. The only one that presents a slight problem is Tages but long as I can make the copies and get the game to install they run fine with Tetris. I also have a Lite on 5232s and a Toshiva CD/DVD drive.

In Alcohol, you have to set what protection you want to overcome.
What do you use to detect which protection is used?
on game discs?
on music discs?
on software discs?


Search after A-Ray or ProtectionID, both good copy protection scanners.

Those are good for games and executable files, right?
Will they work on music discs?